When to choose
Counselling or Psychotherapy

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by life’s obstacles, and finding the right sort of help feels like an extra burden. Though friends and family may offer support, we often feel isolated and need someone who is trained to listen and not judge us, and for whom confidentiality is part of their contract. This is what psychotherapy can offer

Talking through these problems in a safe space allows you to deal with the crisis, to heal past trauma and let go of ways of patterns that no longer serve you. You can then start the journey of finding yourself, a sense of meaning and purpose that may be missing in your life.

Short term counselling offers practical ways of dealing with current situations, while psychotherapy is an open ended process giving you time to explore the impact of the past on the present, and dealing with unhelpful patterns that trip you up in your relationships.  I usually start with a six session commitment and let the process do its work.  when the changes are apparent you will be ready to use your new tools and understanding to try new healthier ways of being that serve you.

We discuss all your questions in a first session.  I work from a humanistic and spiritual perspective which takes in the body, feelings and intellect, as well as the soul and spirit in creating optimum health. I incorporate my relational life therapy model devised by Terence Real, whose model for couples offers tools for relational recovery and powerful change.