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If you are finding unwelcome patterns appearing in your relationships and feel ready to make changes to ways of being that no longer serve you, psychotherapy can help you find your voice, escape co-dependency in a journey towards authenticity.

Embarking on a period of therapy can offer you insight in managing the present, while forging a healthier relationship to your past. This will enhance your self-esteem, your ability to make better choices, and let go of beliefs that limit you.  my focus is on dismantling  unhelpful patterns, an increased sense of self and self-awareness that offers new ways of experiencing your life, and finding meaning and purpose within it. My couples training with Terence Real in Boston, uses RLT,  Relational Life Therapy, a model that heals destructive dynamics and conflicts, gives you tools for relational recovery, and heals past trauma as it works towards to build relationships which are life affirming and cherishing.

> Finding your voice both individually and within the couple dynamic

> Struggles around intimacy and co-dependent relationships

> Coping with narcissistic partners or parents

> Poor self-esteem and poor boundaries

> Conflicts around sexuality and sexual abuse

> Fertility and the transition to mothering

> Coming to terms with loss and major life transitions

> Managing the menopause

> Childhood and ancestral trauma

> Helping couples heal self-defeating patterns and behaviours towards relational recovery

If you need more information please call, text or e mail me and we can discuss this in an initial consultation.